10 things every driver needs to know about their transmission!

Your vehicle’s transmission allows you to shift or change gears while transferring power from your engine to the wheels. However, how much do you know about your transmission? Let’s take a look at it and why they’re so crucial to your vehicle.

Essential Facts About Your Vehicle’s Transmission!

What Is A Transmission? – Your car’s transmission or gearbox allows you to change gears and transfer power from the engine to the car’s wheels. It comprises various gears and shafts, which provide different gear ratios as the car moves forwards or backward.

How Does It Work? – It utilizes a series of gears and shafts to transfer power from the engine. The gear you select chooses how much power is transferred to the wheels, ultimately determining your speed.

Different Types  – The two main types are automatic and manual. A manual requires you to manually change the gears up and down while using the clutch. However, automatic transmission only requires you to select drive or reverse and doesn’t require a clutch.

Maintenance – Just like all components in your vehicle, it requires regular maintenance. Checking your fluid and getting your it serviced regularly can prevent a costly replacement bill.

Signs of Problems – The following are just some of the signs your transmission needs attention to: problems changing gears, slipping gears, grinding, whining, shaking, or knocking noises coming from it.

Repairs – If you believe that your transmission needs to be repaired or services, seek out professional assistance as soon as possible. They’ll be able to recommend a service, repairs, or replacement.

Towing Heavy Equipment– It’s essential to check your transmission before towing any heavy loads. By checking your vehicle’s manual, you’ll be able to determine what your vehicle’s tow rating is and how much your transmission can handle.

Preventing Damage – Avoid revving your engine excessively while changing gears, overloading the vehicle, changing gears without using the clutch, or switching gears suddenly from forward to reverse or vice versa.

Replacing Your Transmission – If your transmission is worn out or beyond repair, it may need to be replaced.

Upgrading – If you need your vehicle to perform better or simply want to upgrade your transmission to handle a heavier load, then upgrading to a high-performance or heavy-duty transmission is always an option.

When You Need A Tow

There you go! Everything you wanted to know about your vehicle’s transmission, including how it works and warning signs to look out for! It’s essential that if you notice any strange sounds coming from your transmission, you get them looked at as soon as possible. It could save you a lot of money and hassles!

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