What’s vehicle recovery all about?

When it comes to vehicle recovery, you have a lot of options. There’s no one size fits all approach to recovering any vehicle. Vehicles come in all different shapes and sizes. Not only that, but they also need recovery from various positions. Some are pretty standard. Others are not.

Some vehicle recoveries require multiple cars and a lot of equipment. In the following article, we will take a look at the most common vehicle recoveries. Hopefully, you’ll have a much better understanding of how the recovery industry works by the end.

Roadside Recovery

Roadside recovery could be anything as simple as hooking up a vehicle on the side of a quiet road to complicated accident recoveries on busy highways. Road Services are probably what makes up most of our business.

Our vehicles are stocked with the latest recovery equipment. This ensures we’re ready for whatever we encounter at a roadside recovery. Our operators are highly experienced in all types of roadside recovery.

Law Enforcement Recovery

You may not realize it, but law enforcement recovery makes up a large part of our business. We work with all branches of law enforcement, including local, state, and federal. Vehicles involved in a crime, traffic offenses, accidents, or a vehicle obstructing a road could all fall under the law enforcement recovery umbrella.

Tow-Away Services

It’s a risk you take when you park somewhere that you shouldn’t. Tow-away services are part of operating a recovery service. A vehicle parked somewhere obstructing the flow of traffic or in clearly-signed tow-away zones is at a high risk of being towed.

You might assume that tow-away services are simple and easy. You’d be wrong! Most tow-away signs have designated no parking because it’s difficult to maneuver even a standard-sized vehicle.

Stolen Vehicle Retrieval

Sadly, vehicle theft is on the rise across America. This means that there are a lot of stolen vehicles that require recovery. Unfortunately, car thieves seldom leave stolen vehicles in easy-to-recover locations. Often, they are damaged and can’t be started or driven safely. Once law enforcement agencies identify a stolen vehicle, it’s up to us to go and recover it.

Emergency Recoveries

Our final recovery type is often one of the most involved, emergency recoveries. No one plans on an emergency. They usually happen at the worst times in horrible conditions. During any emergency recovery, you have to be paying 100% attention.

You never know what type of situation you’re going to walk into during an emergency vehicle recovery. Luckily, our experienced operators are ready for all emergency vehicle recoveries and have decades of combined experience in the recovery industry.

Vehicle Towing & Recovery Services

There you go! Everything you ever wanted to learn about vehicle recovery and what it is. Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. They also find themselves requiring recovery from different positions. It’s because of this that experienced tow companies offer a variety of recovery methods utilizing various recovery equipment.

If you need vehicle recovery, don’t hesitate to call us at Mountain Recovery. Our experienced operators have the knowledge and equipment to tow your vehicle safely. We specialize in all types of vehicle recovery.

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