Many people are unaware that there is a large community of off-roaders that love nothing more than to test their vehicles!


You don’t have to be off-roading to need an off-road recovery. However, most off-roading refers to when you use ATV & UTV and head out into the forest or mud to challenge yourself and experience everything that the great outdoors has to offer.

What Is Off-Road Recovery?

Off-roading can be an awesome adventure. You get to experience remote locations that many people with regular vehicles would never be able to experience for themselves when you’re off-roading.

Even with the most expensive equipment, you can still get stuck sometimes. At the same time, vehicle and equipment breakdowns leave vehicles stuck in some precarious positions. When you add remote locations into the mix, you can be in some serious trouble.

When that happens, you’re going to need some professional off-road recovery assistance. Here at Mountain Recovery.

What Should You Have When You’re Off-Roading?

There are a variety of companies that sell complete off-road recovery kits for vehicles. They include things like recovery straps, ropes, snatch straps, snatch blocks, shackles, tool kits, shovels, and much more. A GPS device, phone, or radio is also handy if you are off-roading in remote locations. It can be a long walk back to call for help if you find yourself stuck or broken down.

However, even the most prepared people can find themselves stuck in a position that they can’t recover themselves from. That’s when you need to call in an expert in recovery. Finding yourself in a position which you can’t recover from or that your recovery equipment can be hard. Don’t ever be afraid to call for help.

It can only take seconds for an off-road recovery to go horribly wrong. This can result in damage to your vehicle or even injuries to yourself. At Mountain Recovery, we have the specialized equipment, experience, and knowledge to recover your vehicle. We’ll get your favorite backcountry vehicle back on the road, and you home safely ready for the next off-roading adventure.


You should never attempt any off-road recovery yourself without the right equipment, experience, and training. Often even the simplest off-road recoveries can go wrong when you don’t have the correct equipment. Ultimately, this ends up costing a lot more in repairs to your vehicle.

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