What is a heavy vehicle rotator, and what role does a rotator play in vehicle recovery?

With so much heavy traffic on the roads these days, it makes sense that you have a vehicle capable of doing heavy vehicle recovery. That’s where a rotator steps in to get the job done!

Unfortunately, accidents never happen in convenient locations or at convenient times, and it’s not uncommon for large trucks to end up in some tricky situations after they’ve been involved in an accident.

Getting those trucks off the road quickly, safely, and with the least amount of damage is the role of a rotator. In the following article, we’re going to take a close look at the role of the rotator in vehicle recovery operations across the country!

3 Common Uses for A Rotator In Vehicle Recovery Situations

  1. Heavy Duty Vehicle and Truck Towing

A rotator is easily one of the biggest and heaviest tow trucks available to vehicle recovery companies. While a rotator isn’t the only towing vehicle in the fleet with a boom arm, it’s one of the only vehicles where the boom can rotate 360 degrees.

The rotating boom on the rotator isn’t just responsible for its name. It also gives it a lot of flexibility and mobility when it comes to recovering large vehicles in tricky situations where there isn’t much room to move.

Rotators are typically used to lift large trucks and tractor-trailers into a safe position where they can be recovered or towed away from the scene of an accident.

  1. Tricky Situations with Limited Space or Room

If a vehicle is involved in an accident and leaves the road, for example, rolling down an embankment, then a rotator is often bought in to recover it safely. The rotating boom arm or crane on the rotator allows it to not only pick up a vehicle safely but also maneuver it to a new position.

When multiple vehicles are involved, and you need to clean up vehicles that are possibly crushed together, then a rotator can pick up one car at a time. The rotating arm on the rotator and the elevated height of the arm makes even the most challenging recovery operations easier and safer.

  1. Heavy-Duty Recoveries

When there’s an accident on the interstate or highway, police will shut down several lanes of traffic. However, keeping traffic flowing, albeit a little slower, is always preferable as it prevents traffic from building up and more accidents from occurring.

Rotators can operate in much less space than other heavy-duty recovery vehicles, which means that more lanes can stay open, and traffic can keep flowing with fewer interruptions.

Our Heavy-Duty Towing Services

There you go! Everything you ever wanted to know about what rotators are and the critical role that a rotator plays in vehicle recovery. When it comes to heavy vehicle recovery, in tricky situations, nothing does it better or more efficiently than a rotator.

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