What’s the difference between towing and transporting a vehicle?

We understand that there are many reasons why you might need to transport a vehicle from point a to point b. Sometimes people will call a tow truck to transport a car, but there are also businesses that just transport vehicles.

Perhaps you’re moving house and have an extra vehicle. Or, you have a restoration project that you need to move to another location so that you can get it painted or continue its next step in the restoration project. Whatever the reason, there’s a big difference between towing and transporting.

Different Ways to Transport A Vehicle

When it comes to towing or transporting a vehicle, you have several options depending on the type of vehicle and how far it needs to go.

#One – Dolly – Dolly’s are a set of wheels that are placed underneath the drive wheels on your vehicle. They allow a broken down or crashed car to be moved quickly away from the scene. Over short distances, dollies are practical and easy to use but still require a properly equipped tow truck. However, transporting

#Two – Tow Truck – Tow trucks can pick up a vehicle from one end and quickly and easily remove them from the scene of an accident or breakdown. However, hiring a tow truck to transport a vehicle over long distances isn’t the most economical way to transport a vehicle. It also exposes the vehicle being towed to environmental damage throughout its journey.

#Three – Flatbed Truck – Loading your vehicle onto a flatbed truck is arguably one of the safest ways to transport any vehicle. When you tow a vehicle on a flatbed truck, it is completely elevated off the road. As a result, there is no wear and tear on your vehicle, no extra miles being added, and for added protection, you can cover your vehicle to protect it from the environment.

If you plan on transporting a vehicle over long distances or have to move a vehicle, but it’s not time-sensitive, please advise towing staff of this when you make contact. They’ll be able to choose a transportation method that’s best suited to your requirements. If you know you have vehicle transportation requirements in the future, the sooner you book, the sooner we’ll be able to arrange pick up and delivery for you. Don’t leave it to the last minute!

Mountain Recovery Towing Services

There you go! Everything you wanted to know about the difference between towing a vehicle and transporting one. If you know what service you need, organizing a tow through a towing company is going to be a whole lot easier and cheaper.

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