If you plan to drive a lot this spring, you need to know these spring driving tips!

It’s springtime, which means that winter is on the way out. Unfortunately, driving during spring can be just as tricky as driving through winter. Driving through the mountains to enjoy the new spring weather can be a popular experience for many people. However, while being a great experience, it can also be hazardous.

If you plan on hitting the roads this spring for pleasure or work, here are a few spring driving tips to keep in mind!

Tips For Spring Driving in the Mountains!

Always Keep Your Vehicle Well-Maintained!

It shouldn’t matter if it’s spring; keeping your vehicle well-maintained should always be a priority. However, if you’re driving in the mountains, steep inclines and declines can put added pressure on your vehicle.

Before you head out for an enjoyable drive in the mountains this spring, ensure that your engine, brakes, battery, fluid levels, and tires are in condition. If you aren’t mechanically minded or confident to check levels, book your vehicle for a service.

Avoid Riding Your Brakes

When you are on steep declines, it can be challenging to avoid riding the brakes. However, if you’re consistently riding your brakes, it can cause them to overheat. As you start the decline, shift your vehicle into a lower gear and gently tap the brakes as needed. With your car in a lower gear, it won’t speed up as fast, making long declines easier to handle.

Keep an Eye on Your Engine Temperatures

Those steep inclines often appear like they won’t be an issue, but they can cause havoc with your engine temperatures. If you’re heading up a steep incline, especially long ones, try switching off the air conditioning if you notice the engine temperature rising. If that doesn’t help, pull safely to the side and let your engine idle until the temperature drops. Then, once you’re back in the normal range, continue your journey again.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Before you head off on a spring drive, especially in the mountains, always check the weather. There can be a big difference between the weather at the bottom of a mountain range and the top. The last thing you want is to be caught unprepared at the top of a mountain. There are some great weather apps and websites that will keep you up to date on changing weather conditions.

Top Up Your Fuel Before you Leave Home

Driving up those steep mountains will use more fuel than cruising along a highway, so always top up your fuel before you hit the mountains. The last thing anyone wants is to run out of fuel halfway up! Additionally, a gas station at the top of the mountains is less likely.

When You Need A Tow or Roadside Help

There you go, some great spring driving tips if you plan on heading out on a scenic drive in the mountains of Colorado. If you find yourself stranded this spring in Eagle County or Summit County, Mountain Recovery will be there to help.

If you have been involved in any automotive accident in Eagle County or Summit County, Colorado, Mountain Recovery is only a phone call away at 970-476-1124. We operate 24/7, 365 days a year, to keep you moving and help get your vehicle back on the road.