Let’s check out some driving tips you can take into the new year!

When you start driving for the first time, it can be quite intimidating. There are a lot of responsibilities when you’re in control of a vehicle, and it’s understandable that many new drivers are nervous. In the following article, we’ll cover some great tips for new drivers in 2023.

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The more you drive, the more experience you’ll gain behind the wheel and the more comfortable you’ll become. Driving defensively and safely should be the number one priority for any new driver, and the below tips can help you achieve that.

Safety Tips for New Drivers!

  1. Get Familiar with your Vehicle – The last thing you want to do while driving is look around for buttons or switches. So, getting familiar with your vehicle before you even leave the driveway is a good idea. Adjust your seat and mirrors. Familiarize yourself with the pedals and get comfortable before you even start the car.
  2. Be Prepared for Anything – Regardless of where you’re going or for how long, you should be prepared every time you start your car. Some tips for being prepared include allowing enough time to reach the destination safely, having a map or phone handy for directions, making sure you’re not under the influence of any substances which may affect your ability to drive, and you’re fit to drive.
  3. Eliminate Any Distractions – While it’s fun to take your friends for a drive, don’t let them distract you while you’re driving. Also, get your music ready before you start driving so that you’re not playing with your radio or phone. Turn the volume on your phone off, and don’t check it while you’re driving. Focus on the road and not on your passengers.
  4. Pay Attention and Stay Calm – Just because you’re paying attention while you’re driving, it doesn’t mean everyone else is around you. So, while you’re on the road, pay attention to your surroundings and what other drivers are doing. For example, if you see someone that’s clearly not maintaining good lane discipline, then keep a safe distance from them.
  5. Start Small and Build your Confidence – You don’t have to drive across the country on your first solo trip. There are a whole lot of roads, road surfaces, and different driving conditions that you’ll eventually experience behind the wheel. Start off with a few short trips. Drive around your town or city. Take a trip to a neighboring town. Try driving on major highways during off-peak times. Instead of driving on the highway in the snow for the first time, try driving around a parking lot or your local area to get a feel for the different conditions.

When You Need Help On The Road

There you go! Some of our top tips for new drivers heading into the new year. Regardless of your driving skill, sometimes accidents and breakdowns while on the road are unavoidable. If the worst were to occur, and you need a tow truck in Eagle County or Summit County, Mountain Recovery is just one phone call away. We’ll dispatch an operator to assist you ASAP!

If you have been involved in any automotive accident in Eagle County or Summit County, Colorado,  Mountain Recovery is only a phone call away at 970-476-1124. We operate 24/7, 365 days a year, to keep you moving and help get your vehicle back on the road.