Being prepared for driving in snow means fitting snow tires, but what are the benefits?

If you live in a state where winter means ice and snow on the roads, then a snow tire is a great choice if you do a lot of driving. The tread pattern allows you to get better traction and increase braking performance in icy winter conditions.

What are some of the other benefits of snow tires? In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at how and why they make so much sense during winter.

What Are the Benefits of Snow Tires?

Snow tires are similar to an all-weather tire with one big difference, the number of sipes in the tread pattern. Sipes are the small cuts or grooves in the tread, and the more sipes it has, the better it will grip the road by pushing ice and snow out of your way. The more sipes they have, the better for driving on ice, snow, and slush during the cold winter months. The sipes actively throw the snow and ice slush out to the side of the tire and out of your way.

The second difference is the type of rubber used for the tread pattern. Good snow tires use a softer rubber, allowing it to squash and force the snow out of the way. As a result, even if you drive on icy and snow-covered roads, you often feel like you’re driving on dry roads.

When you’re driving in snow, ice, slush, or black ice, high-quality snow tires can prevent your vehicle from spinning out of control or sliding. Good tread can make the difference between staying on the road in winter and finding yourself stuck in a ditch and calling for help.

If you intend to drive in winter and live in a state with regular snowfall, then they are well worth the investment. The last thing that anyone wants is to wreck their car during a cold winter snowstorm. If you’ve never bothered with snow tires, then this winter could be the perfect opportunity to give them a shot.

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Driving during those cold winter months when snow is thick on the ground is unavoidable in Colorado, but with the right snow tires, you’ll be able to make it to your destination safely. In addition, with the right tread, you’ll be much more prepared for winter driving. At Mountain Recovery, we offer various towing services, including vehicle recovery, heavy-duty towing, and affordable roadside assistance. If you have any questions about snow tires, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us!

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