Why does it feel like you can never find a tow truck during spring?

It’s not unusual to have many accidents occur in winter, but spring is definitely not accident-free. Spring weather is always improving over winter, but it’s not perfect. The conditions of the roads after winter are often at their lowest because maintenance crews are trying to catch up. As a result, tow truck companies such as ours, Mountain Recovery, are extremely busy.

3 Reasons Why It’s So Hard to Find a Tow Truck In Spring!

  1. There Are More People On the Road – Everyone’s sick of winter understandably and looking forward to getting out of the house. This means that there is more traffic on the road. More people on the road means more accidents and fewer tow trucks available.
  2. Winter Effects on the Road – Winter snow, ice, and rain can all wreak havoc on road surfaces. It also makes it difficult for maintenance crews to get out there and fix the road surfaces. They have a lot of catch-ups to do, which means roads aren’t 100% which can result in more breakdowns and accidents.
  3. It’s Spring Break – Who isn’t excited about spring break and getting away on holidays? We know that we are after miserable winter weather! However, this means that there are many people on the road traveling with heavily loaded vehicles. People’s attention is on their upcoming holiday and not necessarily on vehicle maintenance and driving. This results in more vehicle breakdowns and accidents and fewer tow trucks available.

Best Towing Company in Western Colorado

Hopefully, now you have a much clearer idea about why tow trucks feel so difficult to find during the spring months. As with all tow truck companies, at Mountain Recovery, we always do our best to have maximum trucks on the road. If you plan on traveling in spring, take a little extra time to do some vehicle maintenance before you leave.

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