3 reasons you shouldn’t stare at traffic accidents when you’re driving!

Accidents happen quickly, but the effects on traffic after an accident last much longer and affect a large area of the highway. There’s debris on the road, oil, fuel, lights, sirens, reduced speed, and many distracted drivers. Slowing down around an accident isn’t a bad thing, but when you do it unexpectedly, or someone else does, it can easily cause another one.

Rubbernecking at accident scenes is a guaranteed way to cause another one. It’s always tempting to see what’s happening but paying 100% attention to the road should be your number one priority.

Below are three reasons to avoid staring the next time you drive past an accident!

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Stare At Traffic Accidents

  1. Distracted Driving

Rubbernecking as you drive past an accident is no different from checking a text message on your phone. It’s a form of distracted driving and takes your eyes and mind off the road in front of you. Unfortunately, whenever you take your eyes off the road in front of you, it means you’re distracted and not paying attention.

When people slow down to pass an accident, that’s potentially a lot of people not watching the road. It only takes one person to slam on their brakes to cause a chain reaction. Then you’ll be the one that everyone is staring at as they drive past!

  1. Slow Traffic

People naturally slow down as they drive past an accident. Also, police and emergency services often slow down traffic if the accident is on the road. As a result, it’s not long before congestion increases on the road. It can even happen on the other side of the highway as people drive past.

It’s important to put 100% of your attention on the vehicles around you and make sure you’re not distracted. You don’t know what the car in front will do, and if they slam their brakes on, you need to be ready.

  1. Loss of Control

What caused that accident you’re staring at in the first place? Was it something on the road? Black ice or snow? Fuel or oil on the road? Many reasons could have caused that initial accident, and if you’re driving past looking at it, you might not be paying attention to the road.

If you have both hands on the wheel, you’re ready to brake, and you are paying attention, you are less likely to crash. The last thing you want to do is cause another one because you were too busy paying attention to the first one.

I-70 Accident Towing Services in Colorado

Whenever you’re driving, paying 100% attention is vital, especially when there has already been an accident. The last thing you want is to find yourself causing an accident as you drive past an accident. So please pay attention, check other vehicles, and be prepared in case someone else isn’t paying attention and slams on their brakes.

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