If you’re planning on driving with your pet in the vehicle, here are some valuable pet safety tips!


For many people, traveling with their pets is just part of a regular day. It’s understandable. A lot of people consider their pets to be just part of the family. However, traveling with them can be dangerous, both for you and them, so it’s essential to follow certain pet safety traveling tips.

Below we’ll cover some pet safety traveling tips which all drivers that travel with pets should know.

Pet Safety Traveling Tips

  1. Avoid Undue Stress and Anxiety – Instead of taking your pet for long drives or trips across the country straight away, work your way up to it by taking a few smaller trips in the car with your pet first.
  2. Keep Your Pet’s ID Current – In case you or your pet get separated, make sure that they’re wearing a collar with a tag that has your current contact information clearly on it.
  3. Update Microchip – If your pet has a microchip, ensure that the information such as name, address, contact information, and vaccination status are all up to date.
  4. Never Leave Your Pet Unattended – Never leave your pet alone or unattended in the vehicle. Cars heat up fast in the sun, and your pet can quickly become dehydrated.
  5. Correctly Restrain Your Pet – Ensure that your pet is always securely restrained inside the vehicle while you’re traveling. Don’t allow your pet to move around inside your vehicle, sit on your lap or shoulder, or put their heads and legs outside of the window. Not only can the wind negatively affect your dog, but it could also result in them being hit by flying objects.
  6. Don’t Put Pets In The Truck Bed – Not only could your pet get killed or injured in the bed of your truck, but in some states, it’s actually illegal to transport your pet in the bed of the truck. Even when your truck is parked, it’s not a good idea to leave your dog leashed in the bed of the truck in case they jump or fall out and becomes trapped by its leash.
  7. The Survey Says – In a survey conducted by the American Automobile Association, over 80% of pet owners recognize the dangers of traveling with a pet unrestrained in their vehicle. Still, only 16% utilize pet restraints when they’re driving with a pet in their car.

If You Need A Pet Friendly Tow Company

There you go, the perfect pet traveling tips for the next time you travel with your furry friends! Remember, taking a few extra minutes to secure your pet correctly could save you a lot of hassles later on.

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