Tips for AC maintenance that every car owner needs to know!

Summer is here again, and it’s time to focus on your Ac maintenance if you don’t want to spend all summer driving around in the heat without any air conditioning. Having no air conditioning as you drive for business or pleasure is a quick way to ruin your time on the road and make your life miserable.

In the following article, we’ll be looking at 3 tips for maintaining your vehicle AC this summer!

3 Tips to Help You Maintain Your AC and Stay Cool this Summer!

  1. Turn off your AC before you turn off your vehicle!

Car batteries are responsible for more and more functions these days, which puts a lot of added strain on your battery and reduces its lifespan. Unfortunately, car batteries aren’t cheap, and having your battery go dead can be really inconvenient and expensive. Batteries never go dead at a convenient location or time!

If you start your car with the AC turned on, it can add strain to your battery and reduce its life expectancy. The best thing to do is switch off your AC before you switch off your vehicle.

  1. Look after your fanbelt!

If your fanbelt is cracked, worn, split, or damaged, it can generate heat that will make the clutch in your AC overheat. When the clutch overheats, it will shut off, and your AC will turn off. If this happens too often, it can cause permanent damage, which will require some costly repairs.

At the same time, your power steering and alternator also work off your fan belt, so ensuring that it’s in good condition is vital to the safe performance of your vehicle.

  1. Always check the coolant levels!

The coolant in your car does exactly what its name suggests. It helps keep your car cool as it operates. If you drive with low coolant levels, you can do serious damage to your radiator and, ultimately, your engine.

If your car is overheating, it will cause all components to work harder, including your AC. As summer rolls around, take five minutes to check your coolant levels. Always wait until your engine and radiator are cool before checking fluid levels or opening any part of your coolant system.

When You Need Roadside Help

Like all aspects of your car, AC maintenance is one thing you can’t afford to forget, especially as the heat of summer is quickly approaching. The last thing you want is to be driving around in the hot weather with your air conditioning not working at 100% while you wait for an air conditioning specialist to book you in and fix your AC.

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