Getting your car ready for the cold winter months isn’t just for show. It’s to ensure that you and your family are safe this winter!

Winter driving can be a real nightmare when you haven’t prepared for it, and the last thing that anyone wants is to find yourself stranded. To help ensure that your vehicle is ready for winter driving, we have some great tips. Don’t leave your driving over winter to chance. Prepare your vehicle now!

10 Tips For Getting Your Car Ready for Winter!

  1. Snow Tires – When the temperature drops and those first snows of winter aren’t far away, it’s time to start thinking about getting snow tires fitted to your car. Winter tires are designed to deliver enhanced traction on snow and ice and make stopping easier and faster.
  2. Check Your Battery – Getting your battery tested before winter is a great idea. The colder it is, the harder your car will be to start. This puts more load on the battery, and if your battery is already old.
  3. Get an Oil Change – The last thing you want to do is to go into winter with old oil in your engine. So, head in and get an oil change before the first snowfalls.
  4. Change Your Wiper Blades – There’s nothing worse than old windshield wiper blades.  They also make driving in the rain and snow dangerous.
  5. Fill Up Your Washer Fluid – It’s important to keep your washer fluid full over winter but avoid using 100% water as it can freeze when the temperature drops.
  6. Get Appropriate Floor Mats – Good floor mats that suit your car are easy to clean. This makes removing snow and ice easy and quick.
  7. Get Your Car Serviced – The last thing you want in winter is for your car to break down on the side of the road. A good service before winter is a great way to identify any potential problems.
  8. Check Your Coolant – It’s easy to forget about your coolant. Make sure that it’s 100% full and doesn’t need to be replaced.
  9. Get A Block Heater – If you park your vehicle outside or in extreme winter temperatures, a block heater is a great idea. No matter how cold it gets, your vehicle will be ready to start.
  10. Pack a First Aid or Emergency Kit – If the worst were to happen, then a first aid kit or emergency kit is a great addition to your vehicle. Not only could it help you, but it could also help someone else.

The Best Towing Company For the Snow and Cold

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