The last thing that anyone needs is to be caught up in a towing scam, so learn what to look out for!

At Mountain Recovery, we’re proud of our reputation and work extremely hard to ensure that our customers are happy. Not only that, but we’re constantly updating our prices and services to ensure that we stay competitive and offer competitive prices. After all, if you’re not happy, then we’re not happy.

Unfortunately, not all towing companies are as honest and reliable as us. However, if you need any towing services on the I-70 corridor between Eagle County and Summit County, then we’re standing by to help you.

Some unscrupulous tow truck companies, which usually operate in busy areas within large cities, often take advantage of people recently involved in accidents. They try to get you to sign documentation that doesn’t clearly list all the fees and charges. By the time you recover your vehicle, your tow could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

That’s not a position that any driver wants to find themselves in. Below, we’ll cover of the things that you should be on the lookout for when it comes to common towing scams.

5 Common Towing Company Scams To Look Out For!

  1. If you are involved in an accident, always be wary when a tow truck shows up that wasn’t called by the police or by yourself. Some tow trucks wait in busy areas for people that have accidents. While some are legitimate, some may not be.
  2. Always avoid giving unsolicited tow truck drivers your vehicle until you are 100% satisfied with who they are, how much they charge, and where your vehicle will be towed.
  3. Verify that the signage on the tow truck matches the documentation that the tow truck provides you.
  4. If there is no signage on the tow truck, always ask for documentation that clearly displays who the tow truck driver works for.
  5. If you can’t establish the identity of the tow truck driver or the company they work for, then contact the police.

Don’t let yourself be forced into accepting a tow from someone unless you’re 100% sure who they are and how much it’s going to cost. Below are the recommended things you should know before you let your vehicle get towed:

  • A printed or documented list of all charges, including the towing fee.
  • A list of all storage fees if they apply.
  • Any miscellaneous charges which, will be applied if your vehicle is towed or stored.
  • Suppose your vehicle isn’t being towed to a location of your choice. In that case, you need documentation about where it’s being towed and if there are any additional storage fees or fees to recover your vehicle.


The last thing we want to see is unscrupulous and dishonest tow truck company’s giving us a bad name in the towing industry. We work extremely hard to build a great reputation with all of our clients. Luckily, dishonest tow truck companies are in the minority. Most tow truck drivers and companies are working hard to provide honest, affordable, and reliable towing services to help drivers across Colorado and the United States.

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