The best tips to keep your battery at 100% during winter!

There’s no denying that winter weather is brutal on your car battery. Did you know when the weather drops below 32 degrees, you can lose up to 35% of your battery’s power? At zero degrees, car batteries lose up to 60% of their power.

Cars these days rely a lot on their batteries, and batteries are expected to do a lot of work. Now more than ever before, car batteries are responsible for running a lot of electronics. While we used to get 3, 4, or 5 years out of a battery, now it’s closer to one or two years at best.

Luckily, these days battery centers are becoming more common. So getting your battery tested regularly will help you avoid waking up to a dead battery. In the following article, we’ll look at some tips to get the most out of your battery during winter!

Tips to Get the Most out of your Car Battery this Winter!

  1. Always Power Down Your Car Correctly – Or your battery will be dead the next time you get in it. During the cold and wet winter months, it’s easy to rush inside and forget to turn off your lights. Check the headlights, interior lights, as well as anything plugged into the cigarette socket which could still be drawing power.
  2. Check Battery Cables – Always check your connections and cables. Lose, damaged, cracked, or corroded powers can affect how the battery charges. If you inspect your cables and notice anything damaged or worn, take them to a trusted repair shop.
  3. If Possible, Avoid Parking Outside – If you have access to a garage, use it! Cold weather and snow aren’t great for any battery or engine. If you have access to undercover parking, then take advantage of it during winter when it’s cold.
  4. Don’t Run Devices off your Battery Alone – Always avoid extended draining of the battery. For example, if you’re camping or using your car battery to power devices, it can drain the battery. Batteries shouldn’t be run until they’re completely drained. If you can, always run your vehicle periodically to avoid it being completely drained.

Roadside Assistance in Colorado

There you go! Everything you wanted to know about getting the most out of your battery. With all the electronics in cars these days, you need to look after your battery. If you want your battery to perform at 100% in the cold months, you must take care of it!

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