There are many different tow trucks, and not all of them are capable of lifting the same amount of weight.

So, how much can each tow truck handle? When it comes to towing, there are four main types of tow trucks available. Towing vehicles are a lot different from recovering vehicles. When you are recovering vehicles after an accident or slide off the road, you will need some specialized recovery vehicles and equipment before they get towed.

For most breakdowns or mechanical failures, a tow truck is all you need. Where your vehicle is, what type it is, its weight, and size all determine what type of tow truck is used.

In the following article, we’re going to take a look at the four main types of tow trucks and how they’re different from each other. If you need towing services, you can always call us at Mountain Recovery 24/7 on 970-476-1124. We’ll have a tow truck on the road and on the way to you in no time at all.

4 Types of Tow Trucks and Weight

  1. Hook and Chain Tow Truck – Hook and chain tow trucks are among the oldest types of tow trucks. However, they are still widely used throughout the industry. A boom with a cable or chain with a hook on the end is attached to the drive wheels of the vehicle, lifting them off the ground. They are only suitable for towing front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive vehicles. Not 4×4 or all-wheel drive vehicles.
  2. Flatbed Tow TruckFlatbeds are the most common way to tow vehicles throughout North America. The truck’s flatbed is usually lowered to ground level before the vehicle is winched or driven onto the flatbed.
  3. Wheel Lift Tow Trucks – Wheel lift tow trucks are similar to hook and chain tow trucks in the way that they both tow vehicles However, wheel lifts are usually hydraulically operated. The drive wheels of the vehicle are placed over the yoke, or it’s slipped underneath. They are only suitable for towing front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive vehicles. Not 4×4 or all-wheel drive vehicles.
  4. Wrecker Trucks – Wrecker and Boom tow trucks are one of the most practical tow trucks in operation because of the versatile range of options they give us when it comes to recovering and also towing vehicles. Integrated towing usually combines several different tow trucks to allow the recovery and towing of overturned or stuck vehicles. Integrated trucks are used to tow and recover heavy CMV vehicles such as semi’s, RVs, and buses.

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