Here are five great safety tips for commercial truck drivers!

There’s no denying that commercial truck and delivery drivers have a dangerous job. They’re on the road a lot more than ordinary people, drive larger vehicles, and operate heavy vehicles with large loads in all types of weather.

According to The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), 327,000 trucks or buses were involved in an automobile accident in 2020. In 2020 4,842 people were killed, and 107,000 were seriously injured. Driving large trucks is extremely dangerous and requires the driver to be 100% focused on their job.

In the following article, we’re going to take a look at five driving tips for commercial truck drivers!

Five Driving Tips For Commercial Truck Drivers

  1. Check the Weather Forecast Before You Start Driving – Driving during winter, with snow and ice on the highway, isn’t easy for anyone, especially when controlling a large and heavy truck. So always check the weather before you start driving. If you’re covering a lot of distance, check out the weather for the entire route. If snow and ice are on the road, allow yourself more time to get to your destination, and drive a little slower than usual.
  2. Plan Loading Carefully – It takes a lot of experience to load a large truck. You want all of the heaviest items at the bottom. This ensures that your truck isn’t top-heavy. If you spread the weight evenly through the load, you’ll improve handling, braking, and fuel efficiency.
  3. Allow A Safe Distance – Between you and the vehicle in front of you in wet or icy conditions. Always give yourself extra room to break or maneuver in cold, icy, or wet conditions.
  4. Be Cautious on Twisty or Curvy Roads – According to the NHTSA, over 9% of accidents involving trucks were on curvy roads. Negotiating curves with a long, wide, and heavy load on a truck can be extremely difficult. Always allow yourself more room to maneuver and time to react to other drivers on the road.
  5. Never Drive Drowsy or Tires – Always ensure you’re 100% rested when operating a large truck. If you’re tired, drowsy, or fatigued, stop and rest. Have something to eat and drink, sleep for a few hours, and then start your journey again.

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There you go! Fiver great safety tips for commercial truck drivers. Driving a truck is extremely difficult and requires 100% attention. If you’re dealing with personal issues, distracted, or tired, it’s best to avoid the road until you’re ready to drive. Driving in winter conditions, such as ice, snow, or rain, only makes the job much harder. So, in winter, always allow more time to reach your destination and more time and space on the roads.

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