Unfortunately, vehicles aren’t perfect and sometimes require roadside assistance, but what are the most common problems you’ll face?

If you’ve never required roadside assistance, then you would be in the minority of drivers. Usually, when it’s least convenient, many of us have suffered mechanical breakdowns in our vehicles at one time or another. But, unfortunately, it’s not often you break down outside your home or mechanic.

Once your vehicle stops running or gets stuck on the side of the highway, you’re going to need roadside assistance. However, what are the most common reasons that motorists across the United States require roadside assistance? Let’s check it out!

What Are the Most Common Issues Requiring Roadside Assistance?

Below we’ll look at the most common reasons that you may require roadside assistance:

  1. Flat Tires – Despite our best efforts, flat tires are the most common reason anyone requires roadside assistance. Driving on a flat tire can cause extensive damage to the tire, rim, and panels of your vehicle. If you get a flat tire, always pull over as soon as it is safe to do so.
  2. Ran Out of Gas – Faulty fuel gauges are notorious for causing drivers to run out of gas. Unfortunately, not many drivers carry an emergency can of gas with them. If you notice that your vehicle is starting to run out of gas, try to get to the side of the highway as soon as it is safely possible.
  3. Dead Battery – Vehicles these days rely on a lot of electronics, which puts a lot of strain on batteries. Where you used to get several years out of a battery, more often than not, people are finding that they need to replace their battery sooner. Most batteries on the way out start to struggle in winter, but batteries can appear okay, and then die the next time you try to start your vehicle.
  4. Overheating Engine – It’s quite scary when that overheating light starts flashing on your dashboard. To avoid doing further damage to your vehicle, you should stop driving it as soon as possible and call for roadside assistance.
  5. Need Towing Assistance – In winter, roads can be treacherous with snow and ice, particularly in Colorado. Getting stuck on the side of the highway in snow and ice can be extremely dangerous and often requires getting your vehicle recovered.

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